Some Guy Named Joseph Tran Owns This Crappy Website


Wuddup.  This site is new, so pardon the mess. If you’re visiting this site, it means that you’ve seen me perform live somewhere. Cause this site is just for you, my new friends and fans. Thanks for stopping by!

I created this site myself, so the code is probably really awful. Wait… not probably… the code IS pretty awful… but whatevs, it’s part of the charm.

Most of the time, I’m traveling and posting stuff to my social media. Look over there —>

But here, you can view my web series, read random shizz I post, and gimme a holler anytime! Remember that promise I made to you at my show? I didn’t forget. So enjoy all the random stuff here, gimme a buzz on one of them social thingys sometime, and keep in touch!

~ Joseph

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